The Team

Our aim is to always provide a quality and bespoke service to our clients. We seek to design and build natural pools and ponds to meet the aspirations of our clients within their financial and site constraints.

We have representatives of NPB in Barbados and England and we are supported by BIOTOP in Austria who are responsible for the research and development of the filters we use, and the quality control of the pool’s design.  All partners play a crucial role to ensure you get want you want – a  bespoke natural water pool.

The home of NPB is Barbados. We are willing to travel to other Caribbean islands to help you realise your dreams of having a natural swimming pool or pond in your garden.

John Brewster – Director of Operations

John is a Barbadian citizen who studied Civil Engineering (BSC) and Waste Water Management (MSc) at English Universities. For the past 20 years he has held senior executive positions in housing companies in England. He has a commit to providing excellent services to clients.

After meeting his business partner, Will, and working with him in England in 2015, he decided to form NPB.  He brings a deep understanding of construction management and water management. John is based in Barbados.

After undergoing training with BIOTOP in 2015, he became an accredited BIOTOP natural pools installer.

William Woodhouse – Director of Technical Services

Will studied Landscape Architecture (BSc) at an English university and soon afterwards formed his own landscape architecture company:  Woodhouse Landscapes.  To compliment his landscape business activities he undertook training with BIOTOP and qualified as an accredited BIOTOP Natural Pool installer.  For the past 15 years he has been installing natural swimming pools and ponds in countries around the world. He has a natural pool company in England.

Will brings in-depth experience of natural pool building and landscaping on small and large plots of land.

Will is a member of the Chartered Landscapes Institute of England.

Will is co-owner of NPB with John.


Founded 30 years ago in Austria, this company is a market leader in building natural swimming pools and ponds, and in development of filtration systems for natural pools. They have built over 3,000 natural swimming pools and ponds around the world.

They have a patented filtration system that is used in natural swimming pools around the world.

This company works with NPB under a license agreement.  They provide all the research and development of the natural pools products that are used in NPB’s natural pools and, the marketing and oversee quality control in the building of NPB’s swimming pools.
BIOTOP has won numerous accolades and prizes for their pools and filter development from around the world.  For further details about BIOTOP go to