Pool Design


NPB offers a flexible approach to the design of its swimming pools. We design a variety of pools that cater for your requirements and aspirations. We also try to meet your financial budget constraints.

We are able to design our pools to fit any space and in any style –no task is too big or small for us.

You can have a pool that uses a mechanical filtration system; these pools are referred to as Living Pools. The look of these pools will resemble a normal chlorinated or salt swimming pool but of course they will not smell and the water will be crystal clear.

With our in-depth knowledge of building pools: we can also design pools that use flora and plants to filter the water and remove all harmful bacteria.  We refer to these pools as Natural Pools.  They are more rustic and natural looking in appearance.

In the planted pools the swimming area is separated from the plant area. The planted area is referred to as “the regeneration zone” and consists of plants; crushed mineral silica and is shallow.

Our brochure will explain more fully about Living Pools and Natural Pools so please request a copy of these.

We also provide consulting services to builders; landscape architects and individuals to assist these partners in building natural water pools and ponds.  If you wish we will advise and install the pool’s flooring and natural water filtration system.

If you have a pool and you want to convert this to a natural water swimming pool we can also design and install a natural water filter system in your pool.  This will be much cheaper than you having to build an entirely new natural water swimming pool.

Natural Pool Construction


Our approach

We always design our pools in a holistic way.  Our pool designs take account of your aspirations and we try to design the pool to ensure it elevates the look of the area in which the pool is built.  We often undertake landscaping of the garden at the same time to ensure the surroundings compliments the pool.  However, if you wish we can work with your own appointed landscape architect.

We meet with you face to face to gather your thoughts.  We would then prepare sample designs of the pool or pond and present these to you with the aim of working to a final agreed design.

Whatever filter system we use –mechanical or plants – we always tests the water to ensure the quality meets our strict thresholds. If it does not, we design the filter system to reduce the abnormalities to improve the water quality.

Construction timescales

Building an average sized pool will normally take two months.  Should we have to manage the design and landscaping of your garden this will often take another month.  We always try to use local contractors.  However we always use NPB management to oversee the build and the commissioning of the pool.

As a business we are committed to sustainability in everything we do. We:

  • Use local labour to assist the local community
  • Purchase local products
  • Use solar power to power our pumps and filters
  • Use renewable materials – locally sourced wood and stone
  • Wherever possible use recycled materials in the use of the garden design
  • Use liners that are non-toxic

Our brochure explains in greater detail the areas above – you can download it here or contact us and we will put it in the mail.

Garden design


We always look at ways on how you can enhance your garden with the addition of the natural swimming pool.  NPB has the experience in garden design.  We develop design concepts with our clients according to their tastes and needs.  Our aim is to create a stunning landscape.

We also commission local landscapers to work in collaboration with us in designing gardens.  In Barbados we work with Nature Care.

Whichever option is taken our desire is for our clients to have a Garden of Eden.