Natural Swimming Pools and Ponds

The Living Pool Classic

living pool barbados


Put simply, the Living Pool is a swimming pool with natural water. It offers crystal clear water and, with the natural temperatures that exist in Barbados and the other eastern Caribbean countries, is reminiscent of a mountain lake.

The crystal clear water is achieved through the use of a special filter (PhosTec Ultra) and a biological filter that binds the phosphorus in the water and removes nutrients from the water, so that the algae are deprived of their sustenance. The Living Pool requires no chlorine or other toxic chemicals.

The cleaning system used in the Living Pool is a patented system that has been developed by BIOTOP. This consists of a special curved skimmer, a submerged pump house and a biological filter that takes the water through a four hour cleansing cycle.  The cleaning of the pool is carried out by a pool robot that is regulated as required.

One of the other features of the Living Pool is that all the pool pumps, filters and other machinery is located under a specially built deck. The running of these implements is noiseless.

The Living Pool Green



This is a version of the Living Pool Classic.  Instead of the use of a mechanical biological filter, this version of the Living Pool uses plants as the biological filter. The plants are held in a separate area called “regeneration zone”. This allows some wildlife to be present.

Pool Conversions



We can convert your chemical pool into a biologically operating one that is free of chemicals. We use a BIOTOP Living Pool converter system unit. We remove the chlorination unit from the existing system and install a biological circulation system that comprises of: biological filter, a small pump and a PhosTec Ultra filter. Only a small amount of electricity is required to run this unit.

Natural Swimming Pond



Our natural swimming ponds look like a large garden pond. It consists of two zones: a deep central swimming area and an area, normally located around the pond comprising of special plants, whose function is to purify the water and harbour wildlife.

The water stays clean by the plants filtering the water. To control algae in the pond we use a pump to keep the water circulating and a small filter to remove excessive surface debris.

These ponds are very low in maintenance and use less water that a swimming pool as they don’t need constant emptying and filling.
The big attraction of these ponds is that they provide a natural habitat offering a haven for wildlife.

Public Swimming Pools



We are experienced in building public swimming pools that are used by members of the public in England (like the Kings Cross Pool) and across Europe. NPB’s English business partner, Will Woodhouse, has recently been commissioned to design and build a 50 meter Olympic sized swimming pool in England.

Building a public pool system requires experience and understanding of water management. We use bio-filters and plants to control the quality of the water. We design, build and operate our pools to a strict set of management and design protocols to meet relevant international standards and public health safety.