About Natural Pools Barbados


Natural Pools Barbados (NPB) was born out of the common interest and passion between two people for building natural water swimming pools in an area of the world that has not yet embraced this unique development.

Both partners are accredited installers and licence holders for BIOTOP natural pools and systems. NPB works in partnership with BIOTOP, a world leader in building natural water swimming pools for over 30 years and who developed filtration technology for natural water pools, which has enabled them to be a pioneer in natural pools development.

The partners have over 45 years’ experience of building natural water swimming pools and ponds. They have built over 3,000 pools worldwide covering America, Australia, New Zealand, mainland European countries, Turkey and the Middle East.

NPB was incorporated in 2015 in Barbados and we can truly say that we are unique in the eastern Caribbean as no other company designs and builds natural water swimming pools within this region.

Our combined experience and use of cutting edge pool filtration technology enables us to offer our clients a unique service in designing and building their pools and ponds to their requirements.  We offer a wide range of natural pools – from using plants as the only filtration device in the natural swimming pool to using our specially built mechanical filters.  Whatever your preference we can meet these. We also build natural ponds. We never use Chlorine, Salt or Ozone in any of the pools we build.

Whatever your dreams or aspirations, we are willing to discuss these with you.  So please contact us as we are able to undertake informal discussions with you free of charge.